Dufus, Harley

Alaskan Malamute / Golden Retriever Mix

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Gender: Male

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Illinois, United States

Posted April 2, 2015

Since getting these two puppies, it had been an amazing experience with these two. Both of the dogs were the epitome of brotherhood between both each other and as man's best friend. As puppies, it did take them a decent amount of time to learn puppy training skills (i.e no peeing inside, no chewing on things they aren't supposed to), however as they grew it became a solid learning curve between 1 and 1.5 years and they immediately took off maturely. Grew to be quite the size at around 90 lbs. each, but both were extremely mobile and were taken consistently on walking trails and around the neighborhood. While growing with one another, they would stick together with everything from chasing down squirrels and rabbits to laying around all day in the same area. They did need to be gated and, unfortunately, when the gate doors were left open they would tend to stray and wander around the neighborhood, but they would stick together no matter how far away from the house they got which made it wonderful catching them down. They got used to a whistle call that my father and I had started for them since they were puppies and would respond instantly. Their only downfall was their hair situation. They would grow such coats of fur for the winters that would come out in full- hand sized sheds that would fall all around the house and even when you went to pet them, so they needed to be shaved several times. But overall, they were amazing brothers and man's best friend to the max and I loved every second of having them, wouldn't change a thing.

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