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Posted April 29, 2014

Xena was our Husky/German Shepherd mix and one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She had a heart of gold and a wonderful personality. Although her Husky instincts made her a handful, she was a wonderful family pet.
Xena loved to run. She wanted nothing more than the space to just run and run and run and sniff things and have fun. Even after she had to have a back leg amputated (unfortunate accident and subsequent infection), she barely slowed down. She was sometimes hard to keep up with, but she’d have been a perfect jogging companion.
Like most Huskies, Xena was also a notorious escape artist, hard to train, and she would shed like crazy every spring. She was exceptionally smart but downright stubborn when it came to even basic commands like sit, stay, and down and we were constantly wrestling her back into her walking harness. Investing a super-strong vacuum with a HEPA filter is an absolute necessity if you get a Husky.
Xena was a good balance of overly-friendly, like my Labrador is, and completely mean to strangers. She wasn’t a talkative dog but she always let us know when someone was about to knock on the door and she knew that not every stranger was coming to kill her family. She wasn’t, however, great with small animals – she and the cat got into more than a few tussles.
If you want a high-energy dog and are willing to give it a lot of attention and professional training, get a Husky. Otherwise, stick with a more mellow breed like the Labrador or Golden Retriever.

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