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Posted February 12, 2015

This dog was my idea, and aren't all puppies sooo cute? Now my partner is madly in love with him and yes, I do still love him, but he's the loudest, messiest, most annoying member of our family!

He is a mixed breed but both parents, to my knowledge and after viewing them, were unpapered purebreds.

He's loud. Malamutes don't bark they talk. They get that 'a-woo-woo-woo' sound going and once he gets started it takes a cup of water thrown from the balcony onto his head to get his to stop!

We've tried all the anti-bark collars and devices on the market, they scare him and make him shake but they don't stop him. So now we just have to be vigilant so we don't get a complain.

He is cuddly, and loves to lay at your feet. We managed a holiday park for several years and he was everyone's guard dog and took his patrol duties very seriously. Which is probably why him and my partner get along so well - because they 'worked' together.

He sheds, several times a year, and you can't clip a double coat dog so daily grooming is essential if you want to let them into the house.

He's good with most of our pets, even the ferret, but he's taken the life of a few chooks, a guinea pig and a rabbit - :(

What I've personally discovered is that this breed is not a 'home' breed. They're original jobs involved getting out into the world, and in the case of the malamute it involved running. Tie him to the front of a bike and he'll tow you all day. But if you leave the gate open he's off! There's no catching him.

So please consider your lifestyle when considering this breed. They're very pretty, but they have specific activity needs to make both them and you happy.

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