Alaskan Husky

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Brrrr the Alaskan Husky


United States

Posted January 7, 2014

Just thinking about Alaska is making me cold! Well, where could I start with this breed... I've been able to train a an Alaskan Husky not so long ago and it was a very good experience. I must say this dog learns in a different way from the other breeds I have worked with. I found that it was easier to motivate this one than it was to motivate for example a lab.

It is a working dog, it is in its nature to push itself and to do things all the time! This breed tends to love the outdoors and even more when it´s cold... OBVIOUSLY! I have found that the more you push them the more you get from them. This breed LOVES to please their owner and their owner´s family.

They are not very protective but when a stranger makes a fishy move they do react with a barking sound. Speaking of which... if you are looking for a silent dog then this is not a breed for you since they are really close to the wolves and so they cry to the moon pretty often.

That being said, if you have kids, if you have friends visiting you often don´t worry, the Alaskan Husky will interact just well with strangers and with kids.

If you are planning on getting an Alaska Husky remember they do need to exercise a lot, never forget their instinct is to work! Also if you live in a hot weather area you might want to consider another breed since this one tends to ber very sensitive to heat and might cause health problems.

If you are looking for a working flurry friend who´s willing to do whatever you ask him to do, this is a great option!!!!

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