Alaskan Husky / Siberian Husky Mix

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Siberian/Alaskan Husky Mix


Posted December 10, 2012

Stitch was a great watchdog and a great obedient dog. He was very large and ate a lot of food (which made his upkeep expensive). I loved having Stitch because he was a loyal dog, however, he was not very friendly with other dogs, people, or children. I would never recommend this dog to any one who had children under the age of 16 years and I would never recommend this dog to someone who had a lot of people over all the time. Stitch was very active and needed a lot of exercise, so if you are an active person, then a Siberian/Alaskan Husky would be a great fit for you, otherwise, if they are not taken for a walk or have a place to run, their activity levels will get them into trouble. Also they chew on EVERYTHING!!!!! Do not keep anything that can possibly get chewed (shoes, clothes, computers....nothing) on or near the floor where the dog can reach! They will find them and eat them!! I cant tell you how many shoes I lost due to Stitch. Stitch was an extremely lovable and loyal pet. He would always sleep with me or sit next to me while I was home, but when I left home, the barking and howling would begin. These dogs need a companion with them all the time. These dogs do not like being alone, so I would suggest having another dog at home with the Siberian/Alaskan Husky to keep him/her company (otherwise they howl and disturb your neighbors). Overall I would suggest a Siberian/Alaskan Husky Mix to an active adult who has another dog and also to patience and will to train these very beautiful, active dogs.

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