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Pretty, the most bizarre sleddog


8013, Italy

Posted February 4, 2017

Pretty is somehow the most bizarre sled dog, or even simply the most bizarre dog I have ever had! She comes from a litter of crazy hard worker Huskies; some of her brothers and sisters have spent years running for our sled dog racing team. Instead of following the path of her siblings, she decided to be a not-so-good sled dog yet an awesome house dog! She loves spending the night inside ( of the hundreds of sled dogs I have met in my whole life she is the only one who truly enjoys being inside rather than outside ) and cuddle up in bed. She is not so good with food ( another bizarre thing since when we breed dogs we always pay attention to two things: Attitude and Appetite. She somehow lacks both of them, whereas her siblings do not ) but we find it easier to feed her inside. She is kind of shy at first ( Siberian Huskies are quite friendly, Alaskan instead need some time to get to know you ) but once she knows she can trust you, she will love you forever!
She has had some health issues over the years which lead to a short dog sledding career ( usually a sled dog can run for 9 or 10 years, she retired after 7 ). Now she spends her time sleeping on the couch or strolling in the woods.
This means that adopting an old sled dog or working dog is possible. Some of them still have a strong desire to run and work but there are also dogs that can't wait to have some time off and finally enjoy the pet life!

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