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Our first dog, Spec, part husky


United States

Posted December 4, 2013

Spec was a great guard dog. He lived outside and rarely came into the house. If anyone came into the yard, he alerted us right away. Spec lived in an old pickup topper filled with straw or hay which kept him warm in the winter. He was a black husky, full of muscle and love.

Spec didn’t bother most people when they came to the door, but he would not allow the REA (Rural Electric Association) people anywhere near our yard. One day, they drove into the yard, accidently running over his paw. He never forgot that incident. Back then, they drove a reddish orange truck. If they drove past, he would hit the end of his chain, barking all the while. He rembered that they hurt him. When they had to read the meter, they would drive into the yard and wait for someone to come out.

I can remember Spec would pull me on my sled in the snow and during the summer months, he loved to play fetch. We had so much fun playing together. Sometimes, we went for a walk, or rather he took me for a walk all around the yard.

There is only one bad memory I have of Spec. The day was overly hot, and we were sitting on the porch. I love cuddling my dogs, but that day he didn’t want to cuddle. He bit me. I was too young to understand that he was hot and he didn't want me hugging him closely. I still have the scar close to my eye. I would never change having him. He was the best outdoor dog we've ever had.

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