Alaskan Husky Mix

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Gender: Female

Training: I’ve taught bird care / training techniques

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Husky-German Shepherd mix


Tennessee, United States

Posted September 26, 2015

Luna was my roommates dog. I spent a lot of time walking her and caring for her while my roommate was in school. I absolutely loved this dog! She had such a great personality, was a beautiful mix and was full of energy. I would say to anyone getting a husky or husky mix--this dog needs space to run and isn't meant to be tied up! One of her owners would take her on long distance runs and she loved it!

Pros: playful, loyal, easily trained, healthy, VERY social
Because she had so much energy she would play with anyone and everything. She was very obedient to her owner because she recognized that he was her trainer. Luna was very healthy, I remember she got sick only once because she ate some bad human food but easily overcame that herself. She was a very clean dog despite all the exercise she was getting, she only needed a bath every few months.

Cons: attachment issues, anxious, sneaky
When her owner would leave the apartment she would cry and bark. If everyone was out of the house we would come home to find things torn up and a defecation pile in one of the rooms. This issue was resolved with crate training and giving her a companion (another dog in this case). She was sneaky around human food and wouldn't miss an opportunity to steal your lunch.

All in all a great mix, especially for people who love to hike and enjoy the outdoors.

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