Alaskan Husky Mix

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Husky mix


United States

Posted October 13, 2014

Husky mixes are great companions. They are incredibly intelligent and full of energy. They love to run and will take every opportunity to get out of your fence and go for a stroll unless you are able to take the time to take them for long walks. These dogs are very trainable and aim to please. They are very affectionate and they love being with their family.

Husky mixes have long hair, and an overcoat and undercoat. This keeps them warm, but also requires brushing and grooming. They do leave clumps of hair on the floor when they shed.

Husky mixes are great dogs for athletic people and adventurers who need a companion. They are also great for people who have large backyards and want a dog that love being with people.

My dog is very vocal. It's not exactly a bark. He kind of talks back to me. He also was a submissive pee-er for a while. He is very intelligent and can get out of any fence ever unless he is wearing his electronic fence collar. He doesn't bother the neighbors, he just goes for a run. He is a great companion for the kids and a great dog to taking jogging and hiking. The only complaint that I have is that he has mounds of fur. I knew this ahead of time, but it still amazes me that one dog can shed so much and still not be bald.

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