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Penny the wonder dog!


United States

Posted June 28, 2014

We found penny looking for a good home -and we wanted a good dog - Instant match!
When I first met Penny, she was very shy. To get her to come and let me pet her, we had to offer up a piece of bread.

From there, Penny was our new best friend.
Growing up, penny would love to be outside. She was an outside dog, all year around. Keep in mind, we lived in Alaska at the time - so when it was too cold outside, Penny would spend time in the attached garage.

Penny would always stay near the house when she was off her runner, and we never needed to worry about her running away.

Penny spent a lot of time camping. We would ride a ATV to our campsites, and penny would run behind the ATV the whole way. Sometimes miles- that dog could run!

Penny was not much for playing fetch or any of those typical dog tricks. She was very good at her basic commands however. She also loved to bring home fish and game-hide if someone left it in the open. I've had to throw out a few of her moose legs she managed to drag up to the house.

Penny did not really get along with other dogs. I can remember her getting into fights with other neighborhood dogs. She didn't seem to bother the cat we had though.

Overall Penny was a great dog to have as a pet when I was a kid. She was very loyal and lovable to her family. I am sure we could have had her better trained, but overall she was awesome.

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