Alaskan Husky / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Labrador Husky


United States

Posted April 16, 2016

Owning my Alaskan Husky and Labrador mix was a true learning experience. I bought this dog as a surprise present for my ex-girlfriend. That cute little ball of fur was all I could see when the breeder told me it was an Alaskan Huskie mix breed. Those words did not register in my brain as to what he would become. That little ball of fur grew into a huge ball of fur. His paws were so big when he was little, but I never could have predicted how big he would become. Now, he was no Great Dane or anything, but he was a big boy.

This breed needs PLENTY of exercise. We lived in an apartment and that was just not conducive to what he needed. If he did not get his exercise he was not a happy camper. Huskies are very intelligent. Everything we taught him he learned almost effortlessly. House broken at a very young age and no real behavior problems. This breed is also very protective of the owner, and in my case very protective of my ex-girlfriend. If threatened he would protect her fiercely. It took quite a bit to push him over the edge, but there was indeed tougher side to him. That being said, I would have trusted him with a newborn baby. Unless truly provoked, he would not hurt a fly. Alaskan Huskies are big eaters, as most dogs of that size can be. They will consume big bags of dog food rapidly. Overall, Huskies are great dogs if the owner has the time to give them the attention they deserve. I loved him and I loved having him around. If I had a house with some acres of land for him to run around on, he would have been in paradise.

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