Alaskan Husky / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Books

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My Kaya



Posted January 18, 2014

Super energetic dog - wonderful nature incredibly smart quick to learn gets on great with my cat Tibor - best friends. But if you aren't a 2 or 3 person adult household or just a marathon runner she is not for you!

I sort of acquired her after fostering her from an animal shelter. She howls quite a bit she doesn't bark too much but we have had the odd neighbour complaint.

She is very much a sled dog you can see it by looking at her, her muscles, strength, endurance. If these needs that have been bred into her bloodline for years aren't met you will regret getting one.

We have made a sort of dog jungle gym to keep her from being bored. She is very smart so we have a lot of puzzles and kongs. We also attached a harness to a crate for her to pull around that takes some of that pent up energy.

We bring her on and a 1.5 hour walk twice a day, she is very strong and we live by a beach too plus we go hiking up the locals hills and mountains and regularly visit my parents down the country.

Great dog but a lot of work as they have so much energy oh and you will need special combs for her hair as you can literally pull out clumps with your hands!!

We love her and she is great with everyone but also she is a target to be stolen especially for breeding or even fighting ~:0( so make sure you neuter and spay with tags saying that and with any dog don't leave them tied outside a shop and microchip!

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