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Samii - Alaskan Husky/German Shepherd Cross


Ontario, Canada

Posted March 23, 2013

Last March (2012) I welcomed home a beautiful and lovely Husky/Shepherd Cross named Samii. I had been searching for a dog for awhile, and I knew I wanted a rescue dog. Samii was looking for a new home after having been returned because her first owner was unable to keep her. Her original owner already had Samii's mother and sister and was not able to keep a third dog.

As soon as I saw the ad with her photo, I knew I wanted to adopt her. She was 6 months old when I brought her home & already house broken. She did have a few more lessons to learn, but she's very smart and catches on quickly.

As with any other cross breed, the look and characteristics can be very different from dog to dog, and then of course there's the individual personality as well.

Samii looks mostly like a German Shepherd, she definitely has the Shepherd ears. Her tail curls over her back like a Husky's however, and she seems to have more of a husky coat. Personality wise she is very much a Husky. She loves to howl and play in the snow, (the deeper the better). She can also be very stubborn and when she's doing her own thing she has no intention of coming when called.

Samii is great around other dogs and even cats. For the most part she is very friendly with people and she's good with babies. The only think that bothers her is when children are very loud and run at her quickly. Then she gets nervous and tries to hide. She's never snapped at anyone, but she does growl, so I keep a close eye on her.

She loses her undercoat once a year, and during that time she sheds like crazy. The rest of the year she sheds moderately.

Samii is a high energy dog who loves to play, but she also settles down easily and enjoys just laying by my feet. She is pretty quiet and hardly ever barks, (only when she gets very excited). She also likes to howl when familiar people visit, just to say hello.

She's a good dog, and I love her very much. :)


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