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Our loyal and quirky Sasha



Posted May 6, 2015

Sasha was a wonderful dog. Although being a Shepherd/Husky cross she looked very much like a small Golden Retriever or most often people thought she was a Collie. Sasha was quite small for her breed but she was the runt of the litter so we were not too surprised. She was very easy to train (doing so myself when I was 14), extremely loyal and obedient-no leash ever required unless by law (Sasha didn't appreciate that).
Sasha loved the outdoors and going for long day-hikes. Like most dogs she loved chasing other animals although the one animal she didn't have self-control over was the squirrel. The cats and birds she managed to deal with but not the squirrels. In my opinion her most amazing quality was how patient she was with children. Although very gentle, Sasha wasn't afraid to let anyone know when she was at her limit but I've watched with amazement little children tug at her ears, fur and tail and nothing but a calm and collected dog.
Sasha was extremely emotional and very attached to the family as a whole being most content with everyone was altogether (other than hiking and chasing things). However she did not enjoy playing fetch and preferred her nose to the ground sniffing whatever scent she could detect.
Minimal health problems except for serious arthritis in her final two years. Her health was amazing for all of her life but at the end it went exponentially downhill until we had no choice but to end her suffering.
Beautiful personality with many quirks, great family pet.

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