Gypsy Rose

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

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Gender: Female

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Arkansas, United States

Posted January 17, 2010

My first alapaha was Gypsy Rose and I have been hooked ever since.  All of my dogs are ABBA registered .  The Alapaha is a great family dog. While still having excellent working ability. They are great guard dogs ,but still good with allowed company and friends.  They are extremely smart if a bit stubborn when first trained but once they learn something they are quick and consistant in their reponce to commands.  They need proper socialization with people and dogs. An Alapaha left in a kennel with no socialization is dangerous.  To people and other animals. But properly raised with other animals they are good with all kinds. Even cats and chickens.   Alapahas need guidance and to be shown their owner and the owners family are the Alpha leaders. An Alapaha allowed to think he is alpha leader is unruly and snappish. Good obediance training makes this a non exsistant problem. Alapahas love people and need to be a part of the family.
Their coats are easy to groom .  A quick rub down once a week with a rubber groomer keeps shedding down to a minamum.  The majority of the Alapahas I have owned and met  love water. Pools ,lakes, and streams they are quick to plunge in.  And most love to chase a stream of water from the hose. Alapahas are great with kids! My daughter learned to stand by pulling herself up by my dogs jowls.  They are so good natured and tolerant that even when she tries to ride them they would never think of snapping or being mean. Even when she climbs in with them and their new pups.
They are quite athletic without being crazy hyper. They are just as happy going on a 5 mile trail ride or hike as they are to relax on the couch with you. They are very tolerant of heat and cold for being bulldogs.  I live in the south where it is HOT and HUMID. And with good shade and a kiddy pool to play in I have never has a dog over heat .  And in the cold snow they act like champs playing and sliding with exuberance.  They are extreme clowns and will keep you and your familly entertained for hours.
They are very versatile and athletic. I have seen them used in protection work, agility, therapy work, tracking, cattle work,  as show dogs, as hunting dogs, and just good family companions.
They can be shown with rare breed dog show groups such as IABCA, Rarities INC, and ARBA.
I was recently asked if I was to breed any other kind of breed what would it be. And I can honestly say there is no other breed in the world that I like enough that I would want to put more of them in the world. This is not true of the Alapaha . Thier wonderful temperament, loyality, intelligence, and personalities make them a joy to have. Add to that the many beautiful colors they come in to please the eye and its a win win situation. I have had Alapahas for over 9 years now. Have bred and loved them everyday since getting my first. And will continue to have them till my dying day. A life without an Alapaha would be an empty life indeed.

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