CRK Rampage

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

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Life with CRK's Rampage


Thayer, Missouri, United States

Posted January 17, 2010

Rampage is my HERO and Saving Grace. As many know during a bad ice storm that left us weeks with out electricity I managed to catch the bedroom dresser on fire (using a candle for light) that was sitting directly next to my kids head. All four of them. Just before the flames reached the curtains and killed my children, Rampage drug me out of the recliner I was sleeping in until I awoke. He then drug me down the hall toward my kids crying the whole way. As I got halfway down the hall I could see light from the flames through the horrid smoke that filled the house. I got to the room just in time to grab a blanket and lay on the flames to smother them. The fire was not even an inch from the curtains and about 6 inches from my closest child. Ram then proceeded to get in the bed and start licking the kids and jumping around. As they awoke scared and bewildered he never left my side. I was able to scream loud enough to wake my step father in the next room and he helped the kids out as I finished putting out the fire. Even after the door was open and the kids were leaving, Ram stayed with me. He inhaled alot of smoke and got quite the cold and an ear infection from the subsequent bath he received because he was covered in soot. But he has made a full recovery and is my constant companion. Never have I seen such loyality.

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