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Akita Inu - a great dog for those with large yards


United States

Posted December 3, 2013

Akitas are a great dog for those looking for a friendly breed. They are quick to bond to their family and are very protective of those they consider their pack.

My akita that I had as a teen was playful without being overtly rough. He never seemed to tire of games like fetch or the like, but never complained if we needed to take a break. He was rather laid back and we usually had to fight for patches of shade in the yard. He usually won by virtue of rolling on his back and wagging his tail.

The downsides of an Akita? Well, they have a rather thick winter coat - virtue of being a sled dog - and when they start to shed it, it does tend to get EVERYWHERE. Brushing out their coats during shedding season does help keep the dog comfortable and the fur contained, but it is a LOT of fur.

Also, they are a bit on the larger side of dog breeds, and as with all things, so are their wastes. If you have a smaller yard, plan on purchasing a poop scooper. We had a fairly large back yard and a neighboring field, but we still had to keep an eye on the ground at times.

Younger children were regarded as pups and Akitas will take a defensive stance towards strangers if their 'pups' are around. Even with strangers, though, they are cautious but not overly aggressive unless a threatening move is made, and if the person backs down, so does the aggression level. They make good watch dogs, and decent guard dogs.

Overall, I miss my dear old pal and would gladly own an Akita again.

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