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Molly, The mixbreed of bearder collie & tibetan terrier (We think)


United Kingdom

Posted September 2, 2015

Come to my house and you’ll meet a fluffy monster, don’t be alarmed! That’s just Molly.

Molly is a fluffy, short, stubby dog with loads of fur and has an addiction to dog chews and can jump about 2ft in the air. She also talks to you (Which in my house isn’t uncommon, for my animals to speak). Molly is the loveliest dog ever, her bark is definitely worse than her bite. Her bite? NONE EXISTANT, she will however, slobber you to death with her kisses.
In 2006 we got Molly, coincidentally the day we got her was the day my beloved Westie Sammy died, as I’ve previously mentioned in my posts about westies and border collies, dogs are very smart and we recon he waited for our wee “mol mols” to arrive to give Annie (The last dog I need to tell you all about) some company.
Molly was a rescue from dogs trust, we were looking at various breeds of dogs before getting her, we had been visiting the home for about a week deciding on other dogs before we seen her. Our first choice was a beautiful German Shepard puppy, however due to our knowledge of the size of them as we have had a German Shepard mix breed before, we decided the fairest thing to do was to get a medium sized dog which could enjoy the space in our garden without cramping the space of our Annie who was our only other dog at this point.
The moment we seen Molly (Who was called clover at that point) we knew she was for us, she has only went into the shelter that day and we claimed her. Her furry face and her begging charm (Seriously, she greeted us by standing on her hind legs begging to us) we knew she was for us. So after all the checks, we got her.
Molly’s breed is somewhat unusual as we didn’t know her breed when we first got her, neither did the people at dogs trust or the vet. However after comparing her to other dogs of a similar nature, we have come to the conclusion that she is a crossbreed of a bearded collie and a Tibetan terrier. We decided on that as she’s a shorter/stubbier version of Pippin from the 90/00’s kids TV show come out side. Her colourings are strange too, when we got her, she was around 9 months old we recon, she could be a bit older than that but not by much. Her fur was mostly grey with brown patches in it. However after some altercations with my border collie, allergies and her aging. It’s mostly brown with grey in it now, it’s odd as you would think a dog who is now older would have the grey fur.

One thing I’ve always found funny about my Molly is that she LOVES the cat…. When I say love, I mean she will PIN him down to the ground and slobber him with kisses, and in all honesty. He doesn’t mind it that much, he encourages it. Her tail is lethal, her waggy tail she will hit you with it but she will also want cuddles and sits on the couch in the way a human would with her paws/legs sitting on the arm rest. Ask her to move? Yeah you guessed it, you’ll be slobbered.
Something else I should mention about Molly, she has an addiction to dog chews and will sit and beg and will look at her cupboard where the treats are kept and will jump to get them. She may look short and stubby for the breed we think she is but she has loads of energy and can jump high. Molly isn’t a small dog, she is a medium sized dog and is the perfect family dog.

The only bad things I can truly say about Molly is that one, she is greedy and always wants food and the second, she tends to bark a lot at things that move past the house. In all honesty, I think she just joins in with her sisters. Molly is also scared of the dark and iron boards (Iron boards we think happened in her former home as a pup) loud noises (such as fireworks) but she manages by cuddling up to the other dogs or us when she’s frightened. Molly also does NOT like getting brushed and will run away when you either say the word "brush" or try to brush her, which can prove to be a problem due to her fur. Molly is the “mummy” of the pack, although she cannot have puppies she has took both Kelly my border collie in when she was a puppy and raised her and my Lucy and raised her too. She looks out for them which is great.

If I could have clones of Molly to give to you all, I would. She is one of the best family dogs anybody could have.

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