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The Loyal & Loving Ziva


307235, Romania

Posted April 17, 2014

Ziva is my best friend’s Akita Inu . While she was on a trip with her family for over 2 months in Greece , I took care of the 4 year old dog. I visited them very often before their leave, so Ziva already thought of me as being a family member.

In no time, I noticed that for Ziva, being respected is very important . He will not respect you unless you respect him back and treat him properly . Sometimes, he acts like a spoiled child, stubbornness being a part of his personality. He compensates though with his very affectionate side. Ziva loves to be close to his family and to me. While I was doing my daily housework, he used to keep me company, and cheered for me to finish the work faster so I could play with him and give him the love he wants and needs .

Whenever he wants to go for a walk, he picks up one of his toys and brings it to me, moving his tail, trying to convince me it’s time for him to go outside and exercise. Ziva is not an energetic dog , but boredom and the lack or exercise can transform him into a destructive dog. I managed to avoid this problem by not missing out on Ziva’s daily exercise, which lasts from 30 minutes to one hour - just like the veterinary suggested . Keeping him active is also necessary for his health .

This affectionate and lovely dog offers his family and dear ones unequaled loyalty and protection, being the fearless guardian of the house. I still visit him whenever I have the opportunity, because once you’ve got your heart connected to him , there’s no way you can avoid falling in love and letting go of Ziva .

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