Akita / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Huskitadors (husky/lab/akitas)


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Posted April 28, 2009

Huskitadors are hybrids of huskies, akitas and labradors.These dogs are, like huskitas, not for any weak or lazy person. They have a natural aggression about them from birth and must be handled carefully. They are extremely territorial and do not like strangers at all. During walks they will naturally feel the need to lunge toward strange dogs and people. If raised with cats or other dogs, they will leave them alone. But they will go after any they aren't familiar with. They tend to be best as only dogs because of their food aggression (only showed towards dogs... not humans or cats). They are powerful and need tons of excercise. They must be shown immediately that they aren't the boss. You have to have a lot of room in your home and outside. They are intelligent and don't like to be left alone, so should always be crate-trained. They are loving towards older children and adult members of the family but no small children are advised, as they have a very short temper. For teenagers and their parents or just adults they make very great companions. They can weigh about 80 or so lbs and should be all muscle. For their weight, they don't eat much (4 cups of dog food per day). Their fur only requires a brushing every couple days, and most prefer showers over baths. They can have multiple color patterns or body shape mixtures. The eyes should most always be an orangey brown color. Due to their size and natural instinct to protect, they make great watch and guard dogs. Definitely not for someone who wants a quiet dog or a dog meant for socializing with multiple people. But don't let their aggressions fool you... once attatched to you they are the most amazing animals there are! They would give their lives in a moment for you and can be taught to help you with alot. They are truely beautiful creatures when in the right hands!

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