Akita / Labrador Retriever Mix

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United States

Posted July 21, 2014

Best dog! Okay so this mix is not perfect- there is potential for dog aggression and they shed A LOT. Perfect is boring anyways. We got our girl as a puppy, her mom was a Black Lab and her dad was an Akita. She basically looked like a big (over 100 lbs) Black Lab with a curly Akita tail. In her younger years she was very active and playful like a lab. Potty training and crate training wasn't too difficult. Neither were basic commands (except for "come" she didn't like that one). As she got older she was more aloof, but always near the family. She was always territorial and alert with a very impressive bark, but once she knew you were okay with whoever was at the house she would excitedly greet them. She was a very strong girl! We found that the gentle leader head collar worked best for walking her, stopped all her pulling. She only got along with other dogs when introduced properly (away from the house in a pack walk). They also will protect you when they think it is necessary. Our dog did protect me from a charging dog on one occasion. They will do anything for their owners. Ours would follow us around the house and greet us at the door howling as she did her "happy dance" when we came home even in her old age. For the most part she was pretty healthy. In her last year, her back legs would give out, but we would just pick her back up and she was ready to go like nothing happened. Sadly, one day when she was 13, her front legs gave out and we couldn't get her back up. But a happy and fairly healthy 13 years for a big dog like that is pretty good. We still love this dog and miss her dearly. I think her personality was just a great combination of the two breeds. She was a great, loyal member of the family.

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