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Posted July 6, 2014

Buddy was my first large breed dog. My first experience with him was rescuing him from a flower pot that he’d gotten himself stuck in. The daughter of the neighbor directly behind my house had Buddy and another puppy from the same litter. I am guessing her parents didn’t approve because one day when she left the house the father of the family dumped the two puppies in the alley. We tried for three days to give Buddy back to them thinking they had lost the dogs but they refused to acknowledge that the dogs were ever theirs in the first place. Originally we were going to find Buddy a home, but obviously that never happened. The first thing we noticed was how large this puppy’s paws were. Big as lions paws and webbed. He went from ten pounds to 50lbs in the span of two months. By the end of his growth spurts he was about 125. He developed at skin condition at 3 years which he almost passed away from that made him balloon up to 175 lbs. because of the steroids we had to put him on. Buddy had a lot of health issues but he was a joy to have. Large and friendly and loyal to the end, the only negative I could say about giant breed dogs like Great Danes and Akitas is that they can have a fairly short lifespan. Buddy had stomach twisting problems and in the end that is what took him. His death was very traumatic on us and there was little the vet could do for him.

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