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Bear, the Akita-Shepherd


United States

Posted November 15, 2013

Bear is an Akita-German Shepherd that a family friend adopted when it was a young puppy. As a young pup, it looked like a baby bear so therefore it was named Bear. Little did we know that this dog would grow to be a massive animal worthy of such a name! Bear is a great dog and has a massive frame. As a large male it often challenges its owner for supremacy over the house. After it receives a command, Bear will bark at my friend to challenge him, but will eventually give up and do what he is told. I don't perceive this as a negative characteristic, but as an adolescent attempting to rebel against what he is being told.

As an Akita-Shepherd mix, Bear is a great guard dog. He barks before people even arrive in front of the house. He has a big mouth and barks often and fierce, but he is a sweetheart once confronted. Bear is also loving and tender to his owners. My friend's mother became sick and Bear was at her bedside everyday attempting to comfort her. He is a true gentle giant. Granted, I bet he could be the opposite if danger was presented, but we have never had such an experience with him.

My friend has a niece and a nephew that are best friends with Bear. Even as they grew up through the pondering toddler stages, Bear was patient with them and never showed them ill-will. We would have to stop them from attempting to ride Bear and tug on his ears, but he sat still being still and shy never once bearing his teeth at them. Bear is great with all children and this characteristic makes his breed a great one for the home.

This Akita-German Shepherd mix is a truly great animal that not only keeps the home safe, but also keeps the hearts warm in the household.

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