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Kurt - the king of the terriers


1059-1250, Costa Rica

Posted July 24, 2016

I was given Kurt by a good friend for a period of three times, taking advantage of a trip of hers, to give him basic obedience training.

This breed, being the biggest of all terriers, was my first experience with terriers. He is big, powerful, strong and just a total sweetheart. Originally a working dog, I would consider them very trainable, still a little stubborn at times. He kind of always wants do what he wants and not necessarily what the trainer wants. At the same time they are very intelligent.

Training the dog right and at the same time all family members, in particular children, an airdale terrier can be a great family dog and safe with children. I think they will always be a little stoic with strangers, but that can be a good side of any dog. For sure they have their own strong mind.

When they are raised with other dogs, small other pets, like cats, rabbits or hamsters, they can be trained to live with them, but I would ask for caution in introducing them to a new pet at any time of their life.

Kurt was trained easily in basic obedience and became a better family dog than he was before he spent three month with me. What did not change at all is his incredible love for his owner and her son. He would do anything for them and with them.

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