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Airedale Terriers are king of terriers for a reason!


United States

Posted August 26, 2014

My two Airedale terriers are the two most well behaved, intelligent, and family orientated dogs I have ever had. It did not take very long for me at all after adopting those puppies to fall head over my heels for them. They have a very wide personality and both are so unique in their own individual ways. When raising these dogs I would not recommended only getting one. This breed becomes very dependent and attached to their sibling or lifelong companion.

I say with 100% belief that the positive results these dogs have brought into my house greatly out-weight the negatives. If barking will cause a problem for you, then I recommend a breed outside of the terrier family, considering terriers are known to be natural barkers. Also if you are not able to give the amount of attention that would be equivalent to the amount needed for a small child then i would recommend a dog like a Labrador Retriever.

The perks to adopting an Airedale are too many to list, but some of the most significant ones to point out would be their level of intelligence, their affectionate personality, and their energy. Airedales are extremely smart and can learn a lot my Airedales each comprehend more than 70 words and react correctly to all of them. If you live alone you will appreciate all the love they have to give, from snuggling on your lap to watch movies with you, to wrestling(playfully) in the backyard with them. When I mentioned energy I did not refer to hyper-active, but instead more of an consistently active routine. They usually wont sleep until you sleep at night and will be going about their own way in the house when you are busy, this is where having another Airedale will lead to me to see it as a requirement. They will be best friends who rely on each other for fun, comfort, and company. I cant even let one of them into a room by themselves without the other one becoming sad and whimpering.

Overall these dogs are perfect for families who have a lot of spare time to spend with them, a single man/woman who looks to get a dog to spend time with and enjoy the company of (You must have time for them and not work long hours).

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