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Whiskey a Go-Go.


California, United States

Posted August 12, 2014

Whiskey is a purebred Airedale and I'd really like to point out a few things in case anyone might be reading this who is contemplating buying this specific breed.

The British didn't hire them as police dogs for no reason. These are INCREDIBLY strong, intelligent animals. A powerful force of energy that you can actually feel at the end of a harness--and please use a harness with these guys as they can be very determined on walks and nearly choke themselves out with traditional old leashes.

Whiskey was properly trained as a pup. She's an excellent watch dog, guard dog, and will find all sorts of mice, rats, little critters that you wouldn't even see in your yard. To that effect, however, she has to be watched around smaller dogs she doesn't know. It's just in their nature and really can't be scolded for it.

Now this is very important. They typically have major allergies to wheat and corn, which manifest as horribly itchy skin they'll scratch all night and even bleed. So do NOT buy an Airedale unless you're really going to feed it the best food possible without a lot of filler or additives. Believe me, you'll be paying for it at the Vet's office when you have to buy all sorts of medicated creams and lotions.

Their skin and coat is very rough, coarse. Not at all like normal "fur". And aside from their usual Airedale trim at the groomers to get that bushy teddy bear face, maintaining/washing them isn't any different than any other dog. Very easy.

As for exercise, they need very large open spaces to run, preferably throughout the day--like a field. Not suitable for small properties. Or let them be at the dog park for longer than just a quick in-out session. Airedales need to exhaust themselves at dog parks for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour, and they're happy. They LOVE this.

There really is something about Airedales, however. Dynamic, loyal, strong. You'll fall in love easily.

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