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Posted February 21, 2015

First I should say that I listed Coco as an Airedale mix because she looks a lot like a small Airedale, but all I really know is that she's some sort of terrier mix. She came from the Humane Society, and that was all the information they had on her breed.

Having said that, Coco is truly a wonderful pet. People warned that terriers are extremely energetic and defiant, but that really only lasted through the puppy phase. She became more mellow as she matured, and she is now a quite calm and laid-back pet. She does have her energy bursts, and it is important that she gets walked daily and has her play time, but she expends her energy quickly and is usually very easy-going.

Coco is also loving, smart, and friendly. She loves to give kisses. Anything that comes too close to her face gets licked, not bitten. She responds well to commands, although she sometimes needs to be coaxed when she's in play mode. She is territorial, but not physically aggressive towards humans. She will bark and growl when humans or animals she doesn't know approach too close to the house, but she'll calm down after she's had a chance to sniff house guests.

The one major concern I would have with this type of dog is for people who already own rodents. Terriers are bred to hunt rodents, and I would not trust these dogs around them. However, if you're concerned about unwanted rat infestations, this is the perfect pet for you. The one rat we've had get into the house since we got Coco did not last very long.

The bottom line is this: Coco is a fantastic, loving, loyal, and intelligent dog. I have never had a friend meet her that didn't end up loving her. I would recommend this type of dog to just about anyone, with the obvious rodent stipulation.

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