Airedale Terrier / Afghan Hound Mix

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Pennsylvania, United States

Posted July 25, 2012

We had Barney since I was born. He was the perfect dog! During the time we owned him from 4 months until we had to put him down 15 years later he barked exactly 3 times. You may be thinking how is this possible?!?! It wasn't that he couldn't bark or it was hard or came out funny he just didn't bark. His appearance remained the same throughout his entire life built like an Airedale Terrier with the color of an Afghan Hound. He was so friendly he wouldn't even play tug of war because if you wanted what was in his mouth he would just give it to you even as a puppy! Throughout his life he only growled one time. A couple of months before we had to put him down (when his arthritis was really bad) are other dog slid into him accidentally. Barney turned his head and it wasn't really it growl it was more a "I'm old leave me alone" sort of sound and that was it. He was extremely active even in his old age he would just go outside and run it was funny watching other dogs try to keep up. There were very few times we had to take him to the vet besides the scheduled check-ups and none of them were his fault or something that would typically happen. It must have been just two times once when he got bit by a slightly venomous spider (he turned out to be fine) and again when our neighbors dog attacked him (after a month he was back to normal). As a watch dog he wouldn't bark when "intruders" came but, he had this mode that he would go into and you would know someone had arrived. As a guard dog he never had to attack anyone however, I have no doubt that he would have if it came to it. As for grooming we hardly had to brush him maybe once a month and sometimes we would brush him because he would grab his brush and bring it to us. Overall, this dog is amazing they are great in all climates, friendly towards everyone, healthy, loyal, smart, and don't tend to bark. I recommend this breed for anyone including young children.

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