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Posted March 16, 2015

My husband and I were friends with another young couple in Boston, and they had a beautiful, black Afghan Hound named Clyde. Clyde was elegant, quiet and friendly- a perfect dog for a city brownstone apartment. Once, we visited with our two-month-old son and, when he fell asleep, we put him in the middle of our friends' bed. We had dinner in the next room, and when I went in to check, there was Clyde, curled up on one side of my son, keeping him safe. My husband and I decided that an Afghan Hound would be a good family dog for us.

We got a female Afghan Hound from a local breeder and, of course, had to name her Bonnie to go with their Clyde. Bonnie was an apricot, long-haired beauty, graceful, prancing as she walked or ran, and was full of energy. She loved her walks and runs around the yard, and we loved watching her move. She slept at the end of our bed, and sometimes tried to sneak in between us, stretching out her long legs and pushing either me or my husband to the edge of the bed. Bonnie was gentle with our son, careful to not knock him over, and was a stranger to no one who visited.

One hot summer we decided to keep Bonnie cool, and cut her hair short all over, with small tufts on her head and feet. She looked sweet, but after we cut her hair she slunk around the corners, as if embarrassed, for a few days until she got used to her new "look". Then the prancing, happy dog came back to us. Of course, her hair grew back by winter, and she was her elegant self again.

We had taken care of two male Afghan Hounds for a few months before we got Bonnie, and they were wild ones who leapt our six-foot fence and took off to the woods. They required a lot of watching and chasing, but Bonnie had a wonderful temperament. She was content to be with us, followed me around during the days, welcomed my husband home after work, slept under the table while we ate dinner, and curled up with us for the evening while we read or watched tv. I would call her the perfect family dog, and she was certainly the Bonnie to our friends' sweet Clyde.

Photo: "Afghan Hound" by Sannse at the English language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Afghan_Hound.jpg#/media/File:Afghan_Hound.jpg

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