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German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees


United States

Posted November 27, 2015

Owning a German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees was always an adventure. From the start my "little" puppy was full of energy and excitement! Originally, the dog's name was "Scooby," but I renamed him "Latigo" because he was the color of rope. This beautiful dog grew to be a fairly large animal, but never became any less fun.
I remember trying to take a family picture while Latigo was around. He would always prance around in the center of the photo so that he would be noticed. With Latigo around I never had to worry about getting robbed. If a person drove up to my house Latigo would immediately run to the front door and wait. He didn't bark much, but if someone he did not recognize rolled up he would always be sure to give them a scare they'd never forget.
I loved that dog very much and the only reason I don't still own him today is because of an incident in the middle of the summer. I live at a summer camp; so Latigo sees lots of people every day. I did not know this, but apparently his mix breed is not fond of a lot of people for a long period of time. Latigo eventually had enough of all those people and he snapped. One camper sneaked away from the rest to pet Latigo while he was napping, but what he got was a snarl. The way Latigo reacted was a surprise, but I knew that any dog that would ever snap like that could never live at that camp. In the end I had to sell my beloved dog to a friend of mine who lived away from people.
Despite my dog's temper when disturbed he really was a wonderful dog. He was incredibly easy to train as a puppy and exhibited great intelligence. The dog was also a great companion to have while hiking or running because he could go literally anywhere I could. He was very physical and the fastest dog I have ever owned.
Once Latigo even pulled me into a pond while chasing a group of ducks! I was furious, but when I saw his innocent face and his tail tucked in between his legs I immediately forgave him.
Overall, this specific mix was a pleasure to own and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an "outdoors" kind of dog.

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