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Life with Melba was quite not easy


74440, France

Posted April 26, 2014

First of all, Melba was not my dog, she was my friend's dog. Now that we live together, she is my dog as well.
During one year, that was very difficult for me, because I did not want dogs anymore : too dependant for me who want to feel free and want to move free, and too many hairs in home..... I did not want to vacuum cleaner every day :(
Melba was not an easy dog, and not very cute, rather distant. She was barking outside at each motorcycle, and sometimes aggressive with some people, who knows why... It seems that she wanted to be the boss, and I cannot encourage this behavior. However, she made educational with a professionnal and she was better than before, but not enough for me.
In my friend's flat, she was strange : always frightened although the street was quiet, always hidden under the bed. She got on my nerves, I am sorry to admit. Then we have lived together and she had to change her home. Not easy at the first times, but she was cute with my two young cats and now it is great between them three ! We spent several weeks with one new big problem : Melba was scratching on our bedroom'door almost every night, right before falling asleep, and we became afraid falling asleep, and I began to hate this dog. We often quarrelled because of that. It could not go on this way... My friend talked to professionnals and with a little patience (I lost mine lol), everything got fine.
Today, my life with Melba is better. Not perfect because I prefer not having a dog for many personal reasons (and she is losing a lot of hairs, I am often angry with that), but I improve my behaviour and live with it.
My best breeds are : Yorkshires (I had 2 when I was young), French Bulldogs (translation from French) and Dachshunds.

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