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Irish Wolfhound Mix

Overall satisfaction


Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

Training: I haven't learned care / training techniques

Quick to learn and train


Emotionally stable


Family oriented


Child safety


Safe with small pets


Doesn’t bark a lot




Easy to groom


Great watch dog


Great guard dog


Wolfhound-Sheepdog Mix


United States

Posted April 18, 2013

Coffee was a great dog. He communicated everything we ever needed to know with his eyes. This dog had only one accident in his life in the house, and that was only because he was on a medication, and he was mortified. He was also highly sensitive about his appearance. When he thought his hair was cut too short, he had to be strongly persuaded to come out of the groomer's with his head held low. He was not fond of strange children, but was great with ours. In all fairness, I think he thought kids were bad because when they came to the door I always held on to him because he was so big, I was afraid he might accidentally knock them down. We had no little kids around when we got him. I think had we had the opportunity to socialize him with little ones he would have been fine. He was a great watchdog and would only bark if he heard a noise outside or if someone came to the door. He alerted me one day of robbers across the street, and another time he woke me when a neighbor child accidentally set one of our trees on fire with a firecracker. Everyone loved Coffee, and several people mentioned that when he looked at you, you felt as if he were looking straight into your soul. The only time we had a problem with him was when our 13-year-old raised his voice to me. Coffee was upset and went over and nipped him in the rear. He didn't hurt him; he just let him know that behavior wasn't okay with him. He was a mix, so I'm not sure if his character was more Wolfhound or Sheepdog, but from what I've read it seems to be Wolfhound.
Would I recommend a Wolfhound? Absolutely, but not for older people. It broke my heart the day his hips gave out at 13 years old and I couldn't lift him off the ground to help him stand.

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