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Dalmatian / American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

Training: N/A

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Dalmatian Mix

By amyaimprincess

Florida, United States

Posted January 29, 2013

I currently own a dalmatian/pit mix. You can definitely tell he has pit bull in him when looking at his face. His body is full of spots just like a dalmatian. I acquired this dog through the local rescue shelter. I have enjoyed owning him and have not had many problems.

I do have two little ones (newborn and 18 month) and he has done extremely well with them since day one. My 18 month old loves to climb on him and play with him and he has a great attitude about it especially since we all know how annoying kids can be to dogs :-).

The only struggle that I have ever had with this dog is that he is very other dog aggressive. He does not like other dogs whatsoever and can not be around them. We actually have to put a muzzle on him if we are going to the vet and such because he will go crazy. Yet he gets along with my cat and reptiles and they have never had a problem.

Another thing with mine is he does have skin problems. Nothing serious but he does get dry and itchy skin.

I recommend this dog to people because they have a great temperament a are fun to own.

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That's definitely an Argentine dogo. He's beautiful. They are wonderful, loyal dogs.

Reply Posted September 01, 2015 at 10:40 PM