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Seth Lee

Bullmastiff / Beagle Mix

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Bull Mastiff-Beagle Mix

By nikkiann14

Madisonville, Tennessee, United States

Posted January 29, 2013

This mix of breeds has been very interesting to raise. They need A LOT of exercise both to stay in shape and to be able to keep in control. They tend to be very hyper so its best not to leave them unsupervised with younger or smaller children. They need to be socialized with other dogs and cats and strangers. They like to pull unless they have been properly leashed trained. This is a dog that needs to be taught obedience and would probably make a great agility, fly-ball, hunting, or guard dog. It needs to have a big fenced in yard or an hour or two walk every day. They are friendly but their big size puts people off especially combined with their hyperness.

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