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Posted Sep 06, 2015

Have you ever wanted a pet that's playful and and fun for the whole family? Well, a cat might not be for you. For the most part, they lounge around the house, sleeping, and eating. Every once in while, they will want attention. Some cats can be nocturnal and are active at night. My cat likes to sleep during the day, and run around at night.
But not all cats are the same. Some are quite loving, and as much as a dog. I got lucky in my case. My cat is quite loving, and loves when we give him attention. It doesn't like to be held, but will cuddle up beside you. I own a male cat. In my personal opinion, male cats are much better than females. female cats are more territorial and moody. They tend to spray much more than a male cat would. When they are in heat, they can be very vocal.
Usually when it comes to the larger pets, adopting is a good way to go. Every animal deserves a good home. If you have small children, its best to buy a pet when its still young (kitten, puppy, etc.). This is because the animal and child have a chance to grow up together and become used to each other, where as an older pet might not care for the children as much as it would when its younger. I have that problem once with another cat way back. bought an older cat, and It refused to get along with my younger siblings. I'm sure some people can relate with other pets as well.
Last thing I would like to point out is that, if you get a cat, its best not to de-claw them. Getting a cat de-claw ruins their paws, and they have trouble with them as they get older. We had once cat de-clawed, and just a few years later, it had trouble walking, and its balance was off. Now, as everyone is aware, cats with claws can be a nightmare. In order for them to keep them a certain length, they must claw at something to trim them. there are devices you can use to help with that, and you can try to trim them yourself, but that usually never works out. Their favourite place to claw at, and its common in most cats, especially mine, they go for the side of furniture. Dont know why, just happens that way. Two of the kittens I used to have would climb up the curtains and slide back down, tearing them apart. they maybe cute, but they can be a handful.
So, all in all, cats can make good pets. Low maintenance, they clean themselves, and can be loving.

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