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My very odd cat


United States

Posted Jul 23, 2015

My cat is very odd. He is fat, lazy, and very vocal about what he wants, and yet I still adore him. When he was a kitten, he grew very attached to my grandmother, seeing her as his mother figure, and he sees me as many cats see their humans- the slave that gives them food and lovings. While I am happy with my cat, I have to say that I'm not always sure why. He will be lovable at times, yet can be so temperamental that I've learned it's best to just leave him alone at times. I say he is rather plain looking because, being that my grandmother is not as...attentive as she used to be, he is often given too many treats thus making him fat. He also tends to get very matted hair. This results in at least a bi-monthly shaving of his lower half (shoulders back) to make sure that he not only stays cool in the summer months, but does not have the pain that knots in his hair may cause him. He is decent with dogs, but is all around unsocial. He gets along with my current dog because he has taught her to be afraid of messing with him (in a playful sibling sort of way). He often sleeps away the day, as many cats do, but his snoring is often enchanting and finding him stuck between the wall and the piano or hutch is more than entertaining. He meows quite often, and has even managed to "speak" a few English words, such as the names in my household, "treats", "come", "yes", "no", and a few other basic remedial phrases. This makes for a sometimes all too willing conversationalist when he decides it's time to get up...at 4 in the morning. He is brachiocephalic and overweight, which lends to a lack of health, but mostly it's the fact that he's fat that would lead me to believe it would be best to monitor a Turkish Angora's conditions. As I said, he often needs to be shaved, being that he refuses to be brushed (which he would need at least daily), so he's often a handful to groom.After the recent installment of a walk-in shower, however, I do find him often trying to lead us to bathe. He has found that if he stands behind you while you shower, he won't get wet, but he can wash his paws and lick water off your calves. Not the best of ways to shower, but it does keep him from smelling like cat food all day. I adore this cat, and yet find myself fed up with his sarcastic nature at times. No matter what, I do still love him. Let's just say that he lives up to his name.

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