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Posted Jul 09, 2015

Fita is my only pet at present. It's important to state that she isn't purebred. Her father is an angora, but her mother is a mixed breed, so maybe some of Fita's traits aren't going to be shared by other purebred angora cats.
A friend of mine gave Fita to me when she was only 1 month old. She is a really pretty cat. She is big, furry and with a nice palette of colors. But when my friend brought Fita home I immediately noticed that she wasn't like any cat I'd ever owned before (and I've owned quite a few). She was still a little baby, but she hissed at me aggressively when I tried to get close to her. She would follow me everywhere, she didn't want to be alone, but still got aggressive toward me, and that's the biggest complaint I have about my cat. It got worse when she began growing up. During her early years (1, 2 and part of 3), she got excessively aggressive. She played rough, she would demand frequent feedings and she sometimes attacked me and my guests without provocation. As she began to grow older, her aggressiveness started to disappear, and now she's become completely different.
She sleeps a lot, she's playful, she doesn't attack me or my friends anymore and she even lets everyone pet her. She's still demanding when it comes to food, but it's not annoying anymore. She has always been really tidy and well-behaved (aside from the aggressiveness thing): she uses her litterbox, she doesn't break stuff or ruin furniture. She even likes cuddling with me or my dad when she wants to sleep.
One of the most amazing things about Fita is the fact that she is a wonderful traveling companion. I've been in several really long car trips with her and she can peacefully sit down in the back seat with me and sleep during the trip or lie down and stares out the window. She doesn't get nervous around other animals and even in high stress situations, like being around a lot of cats she doesn't know in a place that's not familiar to her, she behaves wonderfully. She is even more calm when she is away from home.
Her coat is really hard to groom, though. She needs frequent baths because she can't reach some places with her tongue and they get tangled and dirty. She also likes to lick people a lot

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