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Posted Jun 18, 2015

I met my Turkish Angora, Dalila, when she was barely a month old and adopted her 2 weeks later. Even at 4 weeks old, she oozed self-confidence and friendliness. She was afraid of nothing and no one.

I introduced my 2 year old boy cat to her before adopting her and he acted aloof. Once I brought her into my home, he was angry for all of about 5-10 minutes.

An hour or two later, I was working on my computer and realized the house was totally quiet and wondered where they were and what they were doing. I found them in the living room playing. He was even letting her play with his tail which is something I was not allowed to do. I was very lucky that they bonded almost instantly.

I'm not sure if Dalila is the alpha or if my boy cat just lets her get away with whatever she wants, but she is a force to be reckoned with. She loves attention and will even be somewhat naughty to get it by giving "love bites".

She loves to play and is very acrobatic - jumping and flipping in the air and leaping to the side and pushing off of walls. There really is never a dull moment with her. She loves toys, but one of her favorite things is crumpled up tinfoil, so if I unwrap a chocolate bar, she is there waiting for me to throw the foil for her.

Dalila is also more adventurous when it comes to food. She will cry for parmesan cheese and any type of lettuce. She also likes vanilla ice cream and bread crust.

Dalila is a very vocal cat and has many different vocalizations for different situations. This is typical of her breed. Now that she is 9 days shy of her second birthday, she doesn't talk quite as much as before, but she is still more of a talker than other cats I've known.

If you are partial to cats with dog-like qualities, I highly recommend the Turkish Angora. When I call Dalila, not only does she answer, but she comes.

She is also very intelligent. Once, I threw one of her toys for her and it caught on top of the door. First, she tried to jump up and get it. When that didn't work, she jumped up on top of the door and knocked it down to the floor.

Another thing she likes to do it to be at the highest point in a room, so she will jump up to whatever that point is if she can. She loves to play in the closest and in blankets and bedsheets. It is not easy to change the bed when she is around.

Playing in the water and drinking from the faucet is also fun to her. I have to always make sure the toilet lid is closed. When she was a kitten, I would have to chase her out of the shower every morning. I have never tried to give her a bath, so I have no idea how that would play out.

Dalila is what is called a black smoke Turkish Angora because of her coloring. Angoras come in basically every color and different patterns. What distinguishes them is their body type, fur type, and personality. Her fur is long, but she doesn't have an undercoat like some breeds, so she doesn't get mats often or easily. The fur next to her skin is grey and each hair is black from the middle to the end. She also has tabby striping on her legs and you can barely see the "M" between her ears. When the sun hits her, you see mahogany highlights throughout her fur. She is a normal height cat, but long from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail.

Dalila is also persistent when she wants something - especially breakfast and will talk to you about it until you comply. If you don't like chatty cats, this breed may not be the one for you.

The Turkish Angora takes longer to fully mature body-wise and personality-wise. I would say Dalila's coat wasn't complete until a few months ago and her behavior is just now transitioning from kitten to adult cat at almost 2 years old.

Dalila is friendly to strangers, especially if they call her by name and talk to her. She gets on fairly well with other cats although may initially be jealous. I have no experience with her and dogs. If you are looking for a fun, energetic, and loving cat, I would highly recommend a Turkish Angora.

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