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Black Cat Brings Great Luck


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Posted May 31, 2015

When we wanted to get a couple of cats, I wanted to get a black cat because they are the least likely to get adopted (which is ridiculous). When we walked into one of the cat rooms in the shelter, Orion (named Zim at the time) walked in front of us and rolled on his belly, his big green eyes begging us for attention. I fell in love! So much so that we ended up taking the orange tabby cat he was paired with, his "brother". At first, Orion was really shy, so much more than he was at the shelter. I think it takes him a while to get used to a place - I've noticed that it is the same when he has stayed with friends when we travel.

Now that he is used to everything, he doesn't whine unless he really needs something or you look at him when he is hungry. He will only talk to you if he needs something. The only exception to this rule is if he wants to play in the shower. Then he will spend hours in the tub whining for you to turn the water on - just a little though, he is a cat after all.

He is a scardy-cat. Once he jumped because the tip of his tail moved into his peripheral vision and he didn't expect it. I have a scar on my shoulder because he had climbed on my side when I was laying on the couch and I took a breath. He wasn't expecting it guess.

Other than the occasional scars, he is a wonderful cat. He likes to cuddle and if very clean. His long coat does shed a lot, but I only brush it to help with the shedding. He doesn't get knots. It is hard to get out of the carpet sometimes though. This Turkish Angora is a great little cat (he is very skinny). He is sweet, playful, cuddly, and pretty low maintenance for a long hair.

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