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Seattle, Washington, United States

Posted Oct 02, 2016

I purchased my cat from a Siberian breeder about two years ago. I used to have a Norwegian Forest Cat and wanted another one, but I did some research and discovered these breeds are related, and Siberian cats are potentially hypoallergenic (my sister is allergic, and so far she has had no reactions when she visits us), so I picked this guy!
My favorite things about him are his beautiful fluffy fur and pretty eyes, he loves to play, and this breed is smart; he understands when I want him to come and he can play fetch! He follows me around constantly and is always at my side. My cat is not much of a cuddler though; he prefers to sleep on my feet and keep his distance unless he decides it's time for me to pet him. Another cool thing about him is he is not afraid of water. If I am in the bath, he'll put his paw in and try to play. He loves to play in his water bowl and every once in a while will splash it everywhere. Siberians are very mild mannered and my cat has never scratched, bitten, or even hissed at anyone.
Siberians have incredibly thick fur and when it is shedding season, since we live in a small house, we have a groomer come and shave him so that his fur doesn't take over the house. He does really well with the groomer, he squirms and complains a bit but doesn't freak out or try to hurt her. His tail is pretty thin for this breed, I think if it were thicker, I could enter him in cat shows and compete.
I wonder if we got him a little too young because he seems so needy sometimes, he meows A LOT and it really annoys my partner if he wakes us up or we are trying to watch a movie. It doesn't bother me as much because I just talk back to him and I can tell he just wants attention, I think it's sweet.
Besides the fur and the meowing, he is the greatest cat, very fun and friendly, and I love how big he is! Everyone who comes to our house loves to see our cat. I would recommend this breed if you have the opportunity to own one!

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