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The cat that saved my mom


01033, Ukraine

Posted Jan 03, 2016

At the time, when Utah appeared in our lives, we had no strong wish to own another cat after having a complicated history with the previous one we've had. But it was like she found us herself and quickly became the member of our family. One day we just found her on our staircase (God knows how she got into the building) and started feeding her, bringing a little bit of this and a tiny piece of than. And after a couple of days she just started sneaking into our apartment, where she used to run straight to the kitchen and always occupy the same chair.
That's when we decided to keep her till the winter's over, then - till summer, and after the summer ended we realized that we could no longer part with her. Both my mother and I were deeply attached to Utah, and after a year she somehow started to resemble both of us - you know, pets often tend to grow similar to their owners, when it comes to their personality.
And Utah has always been the most calm, quiet and intelligent cat I've ever seen, never being vocal or restless and mostly enjoying her own company without being aggressive. She was a little playful when we took her in and started to get much lazier later, but she was nevertheless my best pet ever. We fed her mostly with cat food (which was a huge mistake, as we discovered later); sometimes she got some raw meat, sausages or canned peas (she loved those a lot).
What was really important about her was that she always kept us company if we didn't feel well. My mother and I both had some serious health issues: my mom had breast cancer, and I had some heart problems. And Utah, while being actually quite distant, never left us alone if we had some pains. She would lie on my breast, suddenly purring and touching me with her paws, and wait till I get better. We never understood what was happening until she started to suffer from a disease of some kind, crying all the time and trying to run away. When we finally brought her to the vet, it was too late to operate. Utah had mammary gland cancer, so we were forced to euthanize her. It was a huge loss for our family.
Miraculously, my mother started to get better soon and still believes, that out cat saved her life by taking her pain to herself.

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