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Tyler, Texas, United States

Posted Oct 07, 2016

I have owned Andy, the Siamese cat, for almost 10 years. I adopted her from a shelter.

Andy is a cat with an attitude. She wants love and affection but only on her terms. She isn’t the type to jump on the couch and watch television with you if you talk sweet to her. If you walk by and pet her, she might let you know she isn’t interested in your attention by nipping at your hand. On the other hand, if she’s in the mood for a good rubdown, she has no problem letting you know at any hour of the day. And, if you stop petting her when she’s not ready, she will remind you that you are only there to provide her attention by nipping at your hand.

I wouldn’t normally think of cats as silly animals but this cat is. She randomly runs up and down the hall at any hour of the day; she loves to explore any size box no matter how much of her sticks out; she loves to hunt shoe strings hanging off shoes in the closet and she loves to work her way into a closet to sleep on a box.

I think Andy’s most important quality is her sense of love. At the end of the day, she is a sweet cat who is loyal to her family and is a dear friend. She may have her good days and bad but when it comes down to it, I can’t image life without her.

One thing I wasn’t aware of was a short hair cat’s ability to shed. Andy has very fine hair and her hair doesn’t collect in ‘dust bunny’ form, but, she leaves quite the imprint of tiny fine hairs wherever she sits.

Some say Siamese cats are ‘talkers’ but Andy is only vocal during the overnight hours when she wants to know where you are.

I would highly recommend a Siamese cat to anyone. We already had a cat when we adopted Andy and she easily fit into the family dynamic in a short amount of time.

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