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My snobby little troublemaker!


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Sep 08, 2016

Boy, do I miss my childhood buddy sometimes. He was such a pest!

Mickey came to us as a stray. I had noticed him living in the alley behind my building one day and, being the hopeless pet lover that I am, immediately fell in love. My mom, however, was not.

I was a young teenager back then, and one day while walking home from work late one evening I heard an incredibly loud meow as I passed the garbage cans at the edge of the alley. I looked over to see this large siamese cat standing on the lid of a garbage can looking like he was about to jump me. He did! Well, almost. He actually jumped down right in front of me and started having a "conversation" with me. He was a ridiculously loud meower, and wouldn't let me pass, and it almost sounded like he was trying to start an argument with me.

That's when I began bringing him food every night. As the weeks passed it started getting to be really cold since fall was progressing, and soon I knew that it would begin to snow (in Canada). I was really worried since I didn't want him to suffer or die. At the time I was a volunteer at a no-kill cat shelter, but bringing him there meant he would be left to live his life in an overcrowded room with other strays which often resulted in fights. As well, since it was not the cleanest shelter, cats would often develop breathing problems there. I really didn't know what to do.

Finally, on the first night that it snowed I brought him in against my mother's wishes. I told her it was going to be freezing overnight and that I didn't want him to die outside alone in the cold, and that my intention was to try and figure out how/where to place him.

Surprise, surprise...my mom actually started liking him. She never disliked cats, but wasn't exactly what I would refer to as "a cat person." The important thing was that she tolerated his presence and I was able to have a cat :) He was so particular...super vocal, ultra affectionate (but, only on his terms) and man, did he have an attitude. He would often block my path and "argue with me" when he wanted my attention. But, when we didn't want attention anymore, he'd "argue" with me again and stomp off somewhere.

I loved my cat! He wasn't a picky eater, possibly because he used to eat out of the trash. In fact, I would often have to hide food from him, making sure nothing was left out in the kitchen in case he found it and decided to nibble on it. Mickey lived to be approximately 10 years old and was strong and healthy until the very end. One night, the little guy didn't wake up :(

We gave him a great life and I'm happy about that :)

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