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Sassy the Siamese


United States

Posted Mar 30, 2015

First of all I should say that I'm not really a cat person, I much prefer dogs. However, I had a friend who was a professional breeder of Siamese cats and for a late birthday gift one year she gave me a little female kitten. I had never actually seen a Siamese cat before, and I must say she was beautiful. She had such striking blue eyes and such a creamy colored coat that was tipped in blue/gray (she was a blue point).

I did not have any dogs at the time I acquired Sassy, probably one of the few times of my life. Obviously this suited her fine as she was the center of the world as far as she was concerned. She was quite arrogant, but also a lot of fun. She liked to nap on the bed, so one day I decided to crawl in there on my hands and knees around the bed. She heard me, but wasn't quite sure what I was since I kept my head down and all she saw was my back moving around the bed. I jumped up at her and she ran at me and started smacking me in the face. Fortunately she was declawed, but seeing her there all puffed up with fur sticking up all over the place had me collapsing with laughter. After that it sort of became our thing and I would do it pretty often. She never puffed up or smacked me like she did the first time, but she would still act like she was puffing up and run at me.

I got Sassy declawed and spayed right after her first heat cycle. I was sure one of us wasn't going to live through it, and I'm almost sure my neighbors thought about killing her as well. She was so LOUD! I have never heard a cat nearly as loud as she was, especially during her heat. I don't think I slept the entire time, and no matter what I did I couldn't get her to shut up. We finally made it through that and I took her immediately to the vet to get her fixed so I would never have to endure such a thing again.

Mostly Sassy was a good cat, with just random bursts of craziness. Sometimes, for no reason and with little warning she would run at a random person, smack them a few times, and run off. I found it humorous, this cat cracked me up. She would also try to ambush my neighbor's cat, which was much bigger than she was, but that never deterred her. She would wait on a high perch, either a porch or on top of a table, and wait for the neighbor's cat to walk underneath, at which time she would launch herself at the cat spitting and yowling the whole time.

Sassy never did like children, which didn't concern me until I got pregnant. About a month before my due date I gave her back to my friend that gave her to me. I loved her, but I didn't think she would enjoy being around a child, and my friend didn't have any. She kept her for the rest of her life, so I still got to see her often, and we still played every time we saw each other.

Siamese are loud, arrogant, and slightly aggressive. They are not hard to care for as they groom themselves, and mine never had any health problems. They are playful and intelligent, and Sassy could be very loving at times. She used to curl around my head and try to groom my eyebrows when I went to sleep. They are beautiful with their creamy coats and blue eyes, but I would not say they are good with dogs, mine never could stand them, but maybe that is because she wasn't raised with any.

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