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Scottish Fold

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My darling cat Kassy


18021, Ukraine

Posted Jun 02, 2016

When Kassy appeared in my life I owned a dog 1.5 years old. So I was affraid that they wouldn't become friends. But it was my dream to own Scottish fold cat. I've read a lot about them and doubt is it a good idea to take a cat if I have a dog. Especially because our dog can be very agressive. She is toy terrier, she is small but hysteric. She attacks every cat she sees. But all the reviews about Scottish folds tells that these cats are very calm and can easily live with dogs.
So we decided to take a cat. We found it in the advertisement and decided to look at it first. She was one-month old when I saw her at the first time. It was the most beautiful kitten I've ever seen. She looked at us and we understood that it is OUR cat. So without any doubts we were waiting when she would be ready to leave her mom and come to our place. Meanwhile we bought a lot of cat's things - plates, house, toys, comb, toilet.
We couldn't wait a lot, so just when she began to eat anything except mother's milk we took her home. I owned a cat in the past, so I was very suprised that Kassy was very calm when we came home. She understood very fast that it is her home and we are her family. For the first period we helped her with the toilet - after the meal we sat her down the toilet. It took us 3-5 times and she began to go there without any help.
Now she is one-year old. She has good relation with all the members of our family. Even my mom, who hates cats, likes her very much. She tells that Kassy is the best cat in the world. Kassy and our dog Bonya became friends. They play together and even sleep together.
All the reviews were right saying that Scottish folds have good character. They are very king and calm. They like to be with their family but they are not annoying. She misses us very much when we have to go somewhere and she is very happy when we return.
We are very happy that we own Kassy.

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