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My Mr. Scottish Fold


Posted Oct 01, 2015

For the last year I’ve been living on my own and one winter day my close friend gave me a gorgeous gift. It was an adult Scottish Fold male cat. He knew that I couldn’t take a little kitten because of my crazy schedule and decided to find an adult animal for me. I appreciate that much!

I called him Maverick. He is about 1 year and 9 months now and you know what? I think, the best word to describe his appearance is – cuuutie))) That thick-coated ginger fellow with sandy warm eyes is very affectionate. He likes when I pay him much attention but he also can find some things to do if I am too busy to entertain or cuddle him.

I’ve started to feed him dry food. I also add some chicken hearts, fresh vegetables and meat to his diet. And vitamins, of course.

He is always glad to see me and I like his attentive look. He’s always controlling me and the surroundings. That’s very sweet – the picture of his serious look when he hears some noise or watches over me.

Being affectionate and attentive, he’s also quite stubborn and if something goes not like he wants – he starts infighting. Once I let him to have a walk and in an hour or so went out to take him home because it was cold. When I put him in the kitchen he didn’t show that he was dissatisfied. But five minutes later he stroke me with his paw and meowed very angrily. That was just awesome – such an angry cutie))

Maverick purrs like a factory when you handle him – that’s the paradise!

I’ve heard that Scottish Fold cats are intelligent but now I have an evidence of that. He feels my mood – he won’t stick on to me if I am angry, he will always come closer if I feel depressed or nervous.

He is usually full of energy and playful. I live in a quite place – the city outskirts, actually – and he is busy every day running outside, meeting with other cats, chasing insects and so on. Because of such activities he always has good appetite.

He hates bathing and grooming so it’s a heroic deed – to clean his pretty coat.

I think, he’s a great friend for me now. I like him much and he is also feeling comfortable with me, I suppose.

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