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My baby Wolfgang


West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 19, 2015

Wolfgang is the love of my life. He is a 2-year-old Scottish Fold cat, born and bred in Paris. He has travelled with me everywhere I go since he was a kitten, and he has been nothing other than good-natured and affectionate throughout these changes. Other than his adorable little folded ears that have made everyone who’s seen him fall hard under his charm, his Scottish Fold nature and temperament was the perfect choice for me. I live alone in a relatively small apartment, travel a lot, and have had to move country three times since I got him. Scottish Folds are known to be calm and pleasant, and he has been exactly that. Whether it was a 14-hour car ride to Berlin or adapting to a new home, Wolfgang always handled the situation well and was in no way an encumbrance.
When I adopted him, I was worried that my lifestyle would be difficult for a cat to adjust to, and so with the advice of a local pet store, I was pointed in the Scottish Fold direction. A small-sized cat that is agreeable and playful, they are definitely great companions to have whether you live alone or in a larger family. They often pick their owner, a special favorite person, which luckily for me as I was living alone had to be me. He follows me everywhere and never lets me feel down or alone. However, when days away from home are long and Wolfgang has no other human contact, I can see that he suffers. Because he is so affectionate and playful, being alone for extended periods of time is not something that he likes. I notice this when I come back home and he just can’t get enough of me – he gets lonely so quickly!
My experience with Wolfgang was, and still is, fantastic. I love him so much and he has been the best friend anyone could have. I would recommend a Scottish Fold to anyone looking for such a close companion, and one as pleasant and easy-to-adapt as Wolfgang. But if you are someone who will leave your cat alone for long periods of time whilst you work or travel, I would suggest either ensuring that you have someone else to take care of it, or opting for a more independent breed.

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