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Shushkin, Hulk-Cat


United Kingdom

Posted Jun 08, 2015

My mother-in-law was definitely a "cat person". (The terms crazy, old, and cat lady might be appropriate but, out of respect, I'll refrain from actually saying it.) Living with her for several years brought me into contact with many cat species I'd never have otherwise met - or, in fact, knew existed. Like the Russian Blue.

I'll admit to being a little naive about cats until I met my mother-in-law. I always assumed a cat was a cat and all the variations were just different colours of cat. (Spoken like a dog person, right?) I'd always HAD cats in my life but, if you'd asked me what sort of cats they were, I'd have said, "Uh... cat?"

Shushkin, our Russian Blue, was already an adult when I moved in and I only got to spend about four years with him before he fell prey to a spat of anti-freeze poisoning in our neighbourhood. (Side note: What the heck, people?! How hard is it to dispose of your anti-freeze properly?! I may or may not have gone door-to-door after we lost our second cat to the same thing and quite vehemently educated the neighbourhood on the dangers of anti-freeze poisoning - but that's a different story.)

Shush and I were on friendly terms but he was never as affectionate with me (or my husband) as he was with my mother-in-law. Very often, he could be found laying on her shoulders as she watched telly. His other favourite place to be was on the sill outside our living room window, catching some serious UV.

I've heard people since say that Russian Blues are well-muscled but that is a mammoth understatement. I never got used to how HEAVY that cat was! To look at, Shushkin was sleek and lithe but, pick him up, and you'd see how "well-muscled" he really was. The only way I can describe it is to say that he had the muscle density of Hulk, in Bruce Banner's body. It was the most surprising thing about him.

My experience with the Russian Blue is that they are friendly, easy-going, and good-natured. I wouldn't object to owning one again in the future.

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