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Help!...I'm addicted to my Ragamuffin


Manitoba, Canada

Posted Jul 23, 2015

Let me state upfront that I never owned a cat. Having only ever owned dogs since 1996, I had never really thought much about it. I assumed it had to be one or the other, you were either a cat person or a dog person, well its official, and I’ve switched teams. I'm a cat person. My Simba is an absolute joy. He is a Ragamuffin, which is a type of RagDoll cat. We often joke that his only defense is to turn into a slug. He goes completely limp when picked up and has short hind legs like a rabbit and thick rabbit like fur. He is most definitely the most loving animal I have ever owned. He follows me around like a dog, he even plays fetch. He will chase a balled up wad of newsprint and bring it back and drop it at my feet. He is very quiet, he does not counter surf, and he does not scratch the furniture. He sleeps all night and most of the day. He is super relaxed and very easy going. Most days you can find him at the foot of my bed spread eagle on his back. Bonus, he is a world class mouser and he is hilarious when he gets some catnip in his sights. Sound too good to be true, wait there's more. He is remarkably healthy, only requiring wellness checkups at the vet. Okay, Okay into every life a little rain must fall. The Fur is copious, there is tons of it. I get him shaved in the summer as he is much more comfortable that way. He requires almost daily brushing as his fur has tendency to mat if allowed to tangle. He absolutely hates to have his teeth brushed and his breath will curl your hair. Ragamuffins have a fat pad on their abdomen that swings and keeps them from being able to run very fast. If you can out run your cat it just may be a Ragamuffin. They should not be allowed to roam outside as they have few defenses and cannot climb or run very fast. They can be very territorial and protective of their owners subsequently new comers may have a tough go of it. There, you have it, the good and the bad. I'd adopt this breed a hundred times over without hesitation or reservation. They are somewhat rare and very hard to find at shelters, you may get lucky like I did and find a rescue. Happy hunting, and the best of luck to you.

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