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Posted Oct 21, 2016

Enter Kyro, the epitome of feline personality. He knows he is the master of his domain, and that we are his servants. Things are done on his time. He will sleep when he wants, and where he wants. He will demand play when he wants, and where he wants.

He loves to play. I joke that we got a kitten for life because of how much he wants to play. He will usually get so wrapped up in the activity, we are the ones who usually have to stop the game. Otherwise, he would just keep on going and run himself into exhaustion.

He can be quite demanding, and much like his siamese counterparts can be very vocal about it. Sometimes it can be very difficult to pinpoint what it is he actually wants. Sometimes it is just attention, other times it is to tell us the food dish isn't completely full.

That all being said, he is also very affectionate. It is not uncommon for him to jump up on your lap, be purring like a motor boat, and give you a little love nibble as you scratch his back.

When we first got him, he was only about 10 weeks old. He has grown very close to us, and our other cat as well. He isn't the biggest fan of meeting new people and can take him a while to warm up to strangers. He isn't the biggest fan of my one-year-old son either and will steer clear of him at all costs.

Health wise, the biggest problem we have had with Kyro is his anal glands and some urinary issues. He has had crystals build up in his bladder in the past. Per a vet's advice, we now make sure we get him plenty of liquids to stay hydrated, or else he will have painful urination. His anal glands can also become impacted, which we can either deal with ourselves or take him to the vet to have them express the glands. (We always take him to the vet to express glands, worth the money in my opinion.)

While I love Kyro and think he has a very sweet personality at times, I don't think I would get an oriental again. Kyro is higher maintenance kitty than what we originally thought he would be, and our lifestyle doesn't always allow for that. If you are looking for a very affectionate yet demanding kitty, an oriental may be just what you are looking for.

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